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Weekend family time is precious...

Come bond with your family at an upcoming event!  Limited spots available.  

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Saturdays, Dec 14 and 21   

Ages 3-12

Holiday Craft Workshop (Child Drop-Off)

Do you need some alone time to shop and prep for the holidays
WITHOUT the kids?

Give your child the gift of being immersed in a peaceful, creative, low-stress environment this holiday season. Drop-off your child to create ornaments and projects to take home to share with the family.  We also feed the animals and enjoy a nature walk in the woods.  Drop off and go, then come back and play with your happy child and enjoy the bonfire with a warm cocoa!

Price $75 per child


Fridays 6-8:30pm April/May TBA!

Parents Sunset Cruise at Lake / Kids at Farm!

Best of both worlds: drop off your kids at Sun Star Farm one mile down the road for fun, while you both enjoy a sunset cruise on Jordan Lake. Relax as you see bald eagles soar, heron stalking their prey, fish jumping, and admire the 3rd largest lake in North Carolina.  Bring your own beverages and snacks to enjoy.  Reunite with your child afterward to enjoy the farm animals and bonfire as a family!

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