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"Ms. Heidi is a real fairy"
- Noel, age 4
"Captain Don tells the best stories!"
- Max, age 7
Don & Heidi Watkins welcome you to Sun Star Farm...where childhood is taken slow, "no-screens" philosophy prevails, and outdoor adventure is hand-crafted.


After 8 years in the Caribbean yachting industry, we “swallowed the anchor” and moved to North Carolina just in time for the birth of our first son.  Living aboard yachts, we were immersed in nature and the elements around the clock, and we believe being outdoors is like looking through God’s window.  Awe, wonder, and beauty abound.  It is our dream and passion for our children to experience the outdoors in a very real and authentic way, and for our family to meet and share these experiences with other families and children from all walks of life….


We have no TV or video games in our home.  We want our kids to know where eggs come from (and eat fresh ones too), witness cows birth calves, plant seeds and watch them explode with life, kiss and hug llamas, dig in the dirt every single day, and sculpt imaginary kingdoms from pine straw, pebbles, and twigs.   This year, our children continue to learn to sail…we are fortunate to be down the road from Jordan Lake.


We strive to provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere, with plenty of water, mud, open space, and a few creatures…and kids’ minds and bodies do the rest.  Our goal is to help kids live the childhood they are meant to – and not rush it.  Without the distractions of the modern life, kid’s innate sense of wonder and imagination takes over, and they savor simple treasures, learn new things, and enjoy carefree timelessness.


Campers are outdoors 97% of the time rain or shine. They love it (as they are dressed for it!)   We also believe in small groups - children and their parents are NOT numbers to us - so our programs are structured with a minimum of 5:1 camper to counselor ratio, often even better.  This allows for loads of personal attention and a true quality connection.  


Whether your child is preschool age ( or school age ( and (, our programs are designed to delight and educate, and provide the highest standard of quality care, safety, and encouragement for your child to grow.  


At the end of a fun day, our simple wish is that families go home closer to nature and closer to their children.  Our yachting travels make for good sea stories, but pale in comparison to the wild adventure of parenthood and business ownership – we love what we do!  We are very honored to have a place in your child's life to help them grow and thrive...  


                                                                                                                                       Don & Heidi Watkins

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